CPBD Calls On Delaware Residents To Hold Custodian Robert Pincus Accountable In New TransPerfect Ad

WILMINGTON, Del., July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware's (CPBD) full page advertisement calling out Robert Pincus will run in the Thursday and Sunday print additions of the Delaware News Journal.  The ad reveals that Robert Pincus, a high-powered attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom, is charging TransPerfect an unbelievable $1,425 per hour.  The advertisement also provides a comprehensive list of all of the firms Pincus has subcontracted and the amounts they have charged to TransPerfect.  

Court-Appointed Custodian Accelerates Auction Process of TransPerfect After SB53 Passes Out of Senate Committee

DOVER, Del., July 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware (CPBD) celebrates the success of SB53 passing out of the Senate Elections and Government Affairs Committee but remains vigilant in the fight to save 4,000 jobs and pass the legislation. The organization will increase advocacy efforts, working towards bill passage when the legislature reconvenes in January 2018.

TransPerfect group praises senators for moving bill out of committee

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware praised a move that got a bill out of committee.

The legislation would require a three-year waiting period if courts force the sale of a company incorporated in Delaware.

The bill was proposed in response to a court-ordered sales process for TransPerfect after the two owners of the company remained deadlocked.

Media Statement: Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware Lauds Members of the Senate for Passing SB53, the TransPerfect Bill, Out of Committee

 Late Friday night, the Senate Elections and Government Affairs Committee passed SB53 out of committee, a bill requiring a three-year waiting period if courts force the sale of a company incorporated in Delaware. Chris Coffey, Campaign Manager of Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware (CPBD), the advocacy group supporting TransPerfect employees and Senate Bill 53, released the following statement:

SB53, the TransPerfect bill, was voted out of committee 3-2 clearing its way to be voted on by the full legislature. As we have for the last 12 months, we will continue to build support and offer ways for Delaware voters to communicate with their lawmakers about the importance of the state's business-friendly reputation.

TransPerfect bill victim of politics as usual in Dover

Closed-door meetings. Twisted narrative. Voters’ concerns discredited. Special interests over constituents’ concerns. The career-enhancing techniques of the professional politicians we see in our nation’s capital have seeped into our state house in Delaware.

Business interest group vows to form PAC

As states like Nevada and Wyoming attempt to lure companies away from Delaware, a pro-business advocacy group has vowed to back candidates in upcoming elections that will support Delaware’s reputation as a haven for incorporation.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware is made up of concerned citizens, business executives, and employees of the global translation services company Transperfect. The group formed in the wake of the Court of Chancery decision to auction off the company following an ongoing dispute between co-owners.

Citizens For A Pro-Business Delaware Announces Intention To Form Pro-Business Primary PAC

WILMINGTON, Del., June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Over the past year, thousands of Delaware voters and residents have voiced concern about Delaware's business-friendly reputation through calls, emails and petitions to their lawmakers. As Senators continue to disregard their constituents' concerns, CPBD plans to back candidates that will support and nurture Delaware's business-friendly reputation. "We have traversed the state and promised Delawareans that we would broadcast their concerns over anti-business tendencies of certain members of this legislature," said Chris Coffey, Campaign Manager of Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware. "Lawmakers aren't listening and since many lawmakers' only competition is the primary elections, where only a few hundred votes can make all the difference, we will make sure that pro-business candidates are viable in those early races."

Poll shows strong support for TransPerfect cooling off period bill

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware reported that voters continue to support for passage of a bill that would stop a Chancery Court-ordered sale of the company for three years.

CPBD commissioned Slingshot Strategies, LLC to conduct a recent poll of 800 registered Delaware voters. The poll found that 70 percent supported SB53, which would require the Delaware Court of Chancery to wait three years before it can order the sale of a profitable Delaware company such as TransPerfect.