TransPerfect Co-owner Elizabeth Elting Responds to Shirley Shawe's Solution with Sanctions

Last month, Shirley Shawe offered to vote alongside Elizabeth Elting in the boardroom to permanently end the deadlock that Elting had claimed was cause for the sale of the global translations company. Elting initially responded by denying the proposed solution but has now filed sanctions against Shirley Shawe in an attempt to dismantle the proposed solution and continue the sale of TransPerfect.

TransPerfect group plans another ad blitz

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware announced the launch of another advertising campaign.

The campaign will stress the impact of incorporation industry on the Delaware economy. The campaign will also include Nevada and Rhode Island, two states that would like a piece of Delaware’s incorporation fees.

The group noted that even cosponsors signed on to SB53 which would mandate a three-year waiting period when Delaware courts force the sale of a private company.

Citizens For A Pro-Business Delaware Launches Six Figure Ad Buy In Support Of Legislation To Save TransPerfect

DOVER, Del. -- Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware is escalating its campaign to save TransPerfect jobs with a full-scale advocacy effort to support newly introduced legislation. The organization announced the launch of an aggressive advertising campaign throughout Delaware highlighting the significance of the incorporation industry on the Delaware economy as well as the effect of additional unemployment.

Citizens For Pro Business To Run TV Ads

Citizens for Pro-Business Delaware is ramping up its campaign to save TransPerfect with full-scale advertising campaigns throughout Delaware. The ads will highlight the significance of the incorporation industry on Delaware’s economy and show how the additional unemployment would hurt the state. The TV ads will also run in Nevada and Rhode Island, two states looking to unseat Delaware as the country’s number one destination for incorporation industry. The group will continue their grassroots tactics as well, communicating with state representatives throughout mail, email and face to face conversations.

Concern from TransPerfect Case Prompts Lawmaker to Introduce Bill

This week, a piece of legislation that will mandate a three-year waiting period before forcing the sale of a company incorporated in the state of Delaware will be introduced. The bill comes after the Chancery Court’s highly-contentious decision to force the sale of TransPerfect, a profitable global translations company with more than 4,000 employees.

Feuding ex-lovers may resolve TransPerfect dispute with help from one's mom

Former lovers Liz Elting and Phil Shawe came to despise each other so much that a judge ordered them to sell TransPerfect, the thriving translation company they co-founded a quarter century ago. But that didn't stop the feud. On Wednesday Shawe's mother attempted to broker peace by saying she would side with her son's ardent foe.

TransPerfect Shareholder Offers to Break Owner Deadlock

TransPerfect Global Inc. may be able to avoid a court-ordered sale intended to resolve a deadlock between the company’s two largest shareholders.

Shirley Shawe March 15 offered to vote her 1 percent stake in TransPerfect on behalf of one of the company’s other owners, Elizabeth Elting, who owns 50 percent of the shares. Doing so would end the deadlock between Elting and Shirley Shawe’s son, Phil Shawe, who owns 49 percent of the shares.

In battle over TransPerfect, defense tries to nullify Chancery’s jurisdiction

DOVER — In the much-ballyhooed “War of the Roses” case over the $500 million TransPerfect Group, the defense Wednesday made a move to minimize, if not nullify, the Court of Chancery’s jurisdiction and discretion in the case.

If successful, the filing will relieve the pressure on the Court of Chancery to force the sale of the company.

TransPerfect Hit With USD 50m Lawsuit by Ex-Chief Sales Officer

Another week another TransPerfect lawsuit. Just days after an ex-employee filed a class action suit over a January 2017 data breach, TransPerfect’s former Chief Sales Officer and 20-year company veteran sues the embattled New York-based language service provider for a minimum of USD 50m over what he claims was a breach of contract.

TransPerfect meets with Del. lawmakers in efforts to save company

DOVER, Del. - A part-owner of a successful translation services company made rounds meeting with Delaware lawmakers Wednesday in hopes of saving the company.

A court-ordered decision to sell TransPerfect came in 2015 after a judge concluded the feuding CEO's Philip Shawe and Elizabeth Elting was "hopelessly deadlocked" over significant matters and business decisions.