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The corrupt actions of the Chancery Court threaten to drive the incorporation industry out of the state, which brings over $1.4 billion to Delaware’s economy. The Center for Public Integrity just ranked Delaware 48th in the Nation for transparency and accountability, and gave Delaware an F for judicial accountability.

Delawareans of all stripes benefit from its reputation as the business capital of the country. Losing the billions of dollars the incorporation industry brings to Delaware’s state economy each year will hurt each and every citizen of Delaware. Without transparency, accountability, and diversity, Delaware will never have a justice system its residents can be proud of.

I support the following actions to increase judicial transparency and accountability in the Delaware Court System

  1. Establishing an independent Office of Inspector General with a degree of jurisdiction over the Chancery Court, which would ensure a rigorous and regular review process for auditing the Chancery Court’s decisions

  2. Ensuring that appointed Members of Courts can’t serve on the Court of Judiciary, which has the power of judicial review

  3. Ensuring that if a Justice of the Chancery Court appoints a custodian or a receiver to any Firm, Corporation or Officer of the Court for whom they were previously employed or shared business interests with, this conflict must be disclosed and consented to by both parties

  4. Requiring that any custodian or receiver appointed by the Delaware Chancery Court itemize and make public a complete list of costs incurred because of acting in that capacity

  5. Allowing a camera in the Chancery Court to ensure that a public record exists of the Court’s actions, allowing citizens and good government groups to audit the Court’s actions and deliberations to make sure they honor justice and transparency

  6. Requiring ‘wheel spin’ in the Chancery Court so that Chancery Court Chancellors cannot select cases based on their own self-interest

  7. Requiring financial disclosure by Delaware’s judges so the public can see the income they receive outside their judicial salaries, including investments, business and charitable affiliations and gifts

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