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Why should Delaware and Delawareans care about the TransPerfect Case? 

While the ruling has concerned many in the business world, our concern lies with the possible fallout. Already, states that compete with Delaware for incorporation revenue...are circling like sharks looking to wrest the business away from [Delaware].”
— Delaware News Journal Editorial Board
With a state budget shortfall estimated at $167 million, Delaware cannot afford to let this revenue stream dry up. Regardless of how the TransPerfect case is resolved, we urge members of the General Assembly to explore what, if any, legislation could help the chancery avoid another similar episode.”
— Delaware News Journal Editorial Board

Read the memorandum that Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware submitted to the Delaware Bar Association's Section of Corporate Law and the amicus briefthe motion for reargument, the opposition motion, and Senator Bonini's opposition motion that Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware filed with the Delaware Supreme Court. Read the dissent by Justice Karen L. Valihura of the Delaware Supreme Court. See  the analysis on our most recent poll and recent memo


From the Employees

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