Dear Chancellor Bouchard:

There are 4,000 TransPerfect employees in over 100 offices around the world. We represent a large portion of them, and it is fair to say that we are expressing not only our own personal views, but also the general consensus. We are proud to work for this company, and believe in its strength and viability. Since its humble beginnings in 1992, TransPerfect has only grown in size each and every year. Over the past two years in particular, we have continued to hit record numbers.

Already in 2016, TransPerfect has earned recognition from SmartCEO Magazine and Crain’s New York Business. Last year we were recognized 12 times for our service, growth, and culture, and in 2014 we received 10 commendations by industry peer groups and organizations. In addition to awards and accolades, we added hundreds of new clients, and we broke $500 million mark in revenue for the first time in history.

We are a people business, and it is the very people who have helped build our brand who are now appealing to you. The company, its employees, and its clients have thrived under the current management. We believe that, as a solvent firm, TransPerfect must not be dissolved or force-sold away from the current owners. Such a mandate would threaten not only our success, but also our very survival, as we face relentless competition domestically and abroad. Our management team, including Phil Shawe, is honest, ethical, and extremely capable, as evidenced by our industry-leading performance.

The employees are collectively responsible for TransPerfect’s success. As we have been unable to present our view to you formally, we hope that you hear our voices now: Please do not dissolve or force the sale of this profitable and thriving company that we have worked so hard to build, and that we each depend on for our livelihood.

Thank you.


610 Employees of TransPerfect Globally

3 Park Avenue, 39th Floor

NY, NY 10016 212.689.5555

“[The management’s] investment in me and [their] personal commitment to my success if the reason I come to work everyday at TransPerfect and do everything possible to help achieve success for our clients and co-workers.
— Employee of TransPerfect
“[The management] is brilliant, passionate, driven, hard-working… [including a] leader who has been the primary force in building and shaping Transperfect.”
— Employee of TransPerfect